Goal setting is a crucial component of our daily lives. Having the right strategies for goal-setting will help you achieve them. From trivial choices like what to eat for breakfast to significant decisions like completing our education, we constantly establish goals. Our very existence is driven by the act of setting goals. However, realizing our […]

Scale, Strategy

March 20, 2023

Beyond the Finish Line: Strategies for Goal-Setting and Goal-Getting

“Work from anywhere; you just need a laptop!” I really hope this trend of making it feel like starting an online business is so easy, you just need a laptop dies soon. It’s simple, but it’s not easy, and with all of the information readily available, it’s hard to figure out exactly what it is […]

Strategy, Systems

January 23, 2023

The 4 Systems You Need For Your Coaching Business

Do you like talking about money? Does it make you feel uncomfortable, or does it inspire you to make more? I think it’s important that we have both serious and not-so-serious discussions about it to learn and grow from the information we’ve gathered. Today’s post is all about looking at what is working in your […]


November 28, 2022

Money-Making Activities for Solopreneurs & how to fit them in your day – with planner!

If you’re not hearing complaints or feedback, you may assume that you have a bunch of happy clients satisfied with your coaching or services. But are they actually happy clients, or are they just non-confrontational and secretly unhappy? The easiest way to get client feedback is through a survey. You can set these up with […]


October 4, 2021

Track Your Client’s Satisfaction with a Happy Plan

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