These are the frequently asked questions we get through email and consultations.

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What is your experience working with businesses similar to mine?

We typically work with coaches, Consultants, authors and other professional service providers, but we are able to work in just about any field.

What Responsibilities do you take on as an online business Manager?

Our main focus is taking over the day-to-day operations (People, processes & projects), freeing you up to work in your zone of genius.

How do you communicate with clients & keep them up-to-date on progress?

Through our project management system, Clickup, or via the Voxer app. We try to keep ourselves and our clients out of email as much as possible.

What tools & technology do you use to to manage & streamline processes?

We will use what you are currently using if it's the best fit, otherwise we will assess your situation and make recommendations for your unique business.

How do you approach working with other members of my team or external contractors?

First & foremost, with kindness, tact, and grace. We're humans working with humans. Next, we make sure the right people are in the right seats so that they are in a position to do their best work. We aim to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone involved.

What is your availability & Response time for urgent requests or issues?

We are always working toward the unatTainable goal of never having fires to put out. But, it happens, and we  will do our best to fit in your request as quickly as possible. If it falls on a weekend or holiday, there may be an additional fees involved.

Why do you insist on a "dating Project" before working as an online business manager?

Would you marry someone before dating them? OBM contracts are monthly retainers, which is a lot like a marriage. We want to make sure it's a good fit for everyone involved.

How do you approach managing and delegating tasks to other team members or contractors?

An org chart will always be referred to when deciding who will do what. If we don't have an appropriate team member, we'll work on finding the right person.

How do you measure and evaluate the impact of your work on my business?

This differs for each client's goals, but typically by your metrics, your stress levels, your revenue, and by the goals we set each month and quarter.

How do you approach managing multiple projects and priorities?

By keeping my company and yours organized into a project management system, keeping detailed records, and understanding your business at a deeper level.

How long does it take to see results in my business?

This depends on your goals and what we're focused on. Most client's see a ROI by month 4; IT really depends on your goals & the level of support you choose.

How do you handle difficult situations with clients?

Our dating projects are intended to ensure we work well together, but if a misalignment happens later on, we'll always try to leave the business better than we found it. We don't lock our clients into long contracts & we are free to part ways if needed.

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